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Duke of Uke fundraiser: July 15

July 11, 2011

We’re hugely excited to announce that we’re playing as part of a three-day musical extravaganza, held to help raise funds for the much-loved Duke of Uke ukelele shop in east Spitalifelds. The shop, which is also a recording studio, is having to move from its current premises due to higer rents, and is now looking for a new home with a basement big enough to convert into a studio. You can read more about the shop’s plight in this interesting article in the Independent.

We’re playing on Friday July 15 in the beautiful crypt beneath Spitalfields church alongside Darren Hayman, Pete Astor and Lisbonne. We’re also very excited to announce that we’ll hopefully with a couple of songs with both Darren and Andy from Pocketbooks.

Tickets cost £8 and can be bought from the Duke of Uke website or the shop itself, so do come along and help to raie some money for this great cause!

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